Drake Applications Useful. Frugal. Elegant.

Drake Applications is dedicated to making useful, frugal, elegant applications. That means we build apps that do something worthwhile, will save you time or money, and are a joy to use.

Take our pilot application, QuarterMaestro, for example. This application has the potential to give you a significant savings in the world of rising food prices by keeping you from overpurchasing groceries and helping you use the food you already have before it goes bad. QuarterMaestro also saves you time by generating a shopping list containing only those items you need, in the proper quantities. And though QuarterMaestro stores a fair amount of data, the most often used features can be accessed with only a few taps.

New and Noteworthy
  • 03.31.2010 - Forzando Released
  • 10.09.2009 - QuarterMaestro 1.1 Revealed
  • 10.09.2009 - QuarterMaestro Desktop 1.1 Released
  • 09.29.2009 - Liber Pro Released
  • 09.26.2009 - Elven Talk Released
  • 08.13.2009 - QuarterMaestro 1.0.1 Released
  • 07.15.2009 - Phoney 1.0.1 Released