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Calling all elf enthusiasts!

Elven Talk is a fun app for all ages that takes text written in the modern tongue and rewrites the text with an Elven flair. Using copy and paste, this text can be transported to other apps (such as Mail) to send messages in Elven. Text received in Elven (e.g. through the Mail app) can be copied and pasted to Elven Talk and translated back into the modern tongue. Elven Talk works with text written in any language that uses the alphabetical characters A-Z. Non-alphabetical characters or special characters are allowed but will not be given an Elven substitution.

Elven Talk has a delightful interface centered around a sleeping tree from an Elven forrest. Fireflies wander aimlessly about, while a gentle shake of the iPhone or iPod Touch causes leaves to fall from the tree. Awaken the tree, change the tree's expression, or put the tree back to sleep again with a tap on its trunk. Meanwhile, convenient "Copy," "Paste," and "Clear" buttons control a text field supported by the boughs of the tree.

Elven Talk uses its own dialect, so it is not capable of translating elf languages from other sources. Nevertheless, the dialect is flexible, legible, and, well...Elven.

For example, the following limerick:

There once were great elves in the fair trees,

Who sang merry tunes in a light breeze.

When footsteps went flop,

The music would stop,

And the elves vanish quicker than fairies.


Thiriwen unmi wiri zriotol iljisil en olret poer triisil,

Holrim sonz cirrawen tynisil en o lezhtol briiviwen.

Whin puutstifsil wint pluf,

Olret cysemil wuyldil stuf,

Ecni olret iljisil joneshol qyemgirath thon poereisil.

Elven Talk

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