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Does your pantry manage you?

Start managing your pantry today with QuarterMaestro.

QuarterMaestro 1.1

Have you ever entered the pantry to put away groceries only to find you just bought items you already have or opened the refrigerator only to discover a new and surprising smell? Have you ever walked the grocery store aisles wondering whether you have enough of that special ingredient to prepare your favorite meal or come home to find you don't have every ingredient you need? If so, you need QuarterMaestro.

QuarterMaestro runs right on your iPhone or iPod Touch and provides instant access to groceries you already have, along with the date the groceries were purchased and an estimated number of days before they will go bad. What is more, QuarterMaestro lets you plan meals from your favorite recipes and, with one click, generates a shopping list by comparing your pantry contents with the quantities of food products needed to prepare your meals!

QuarterMaestro makes managing your pantry easy. As you shop, just check off the items on the shopping list. When you're ready to check out, one click adds the checked products to your inventory. After the meal is prepared, one click automatically deducts the ingredients from your inventory.

QuarterMaestro 1.1
Available Now
  • Instantly see ingredients that may be spoiled or are aging.
  • Plan meals from recipes and generate a dynamic shopping list.
  • Meal planner scales recipes to feed any number.
  • Enter food products and recipes faster with QuarterMaestro Desktop (free) for Mac OS X.
  • All features of the desktop version are available on the iPhone/iPod Touch version, except XML import/export.

What's New in Version 1.1

This version includes features designed to streamline setup and data entry, both with QuarterMaestro and its desktop companion:


Available Now
Desktop Companion

Ready for Download
  • Create new meal plans, meals, and recipes from existing ones using the "Duplicate" command.
  • In most cases, it is no longer necessary to tap "Done" and "Save" to store data.
  • Improved shopping list is cleaner and provides more useful information.
  • Let QuarterMaestro tell you what dishes you can prepare with your current pantry contents using "Suggest-a-Dish."
  • Desktop meal planner now included.
  • Drag-and-drop recipes onto meals to create dishes.
  • "Duplicate" command lets you create new meal plans, meals, recipes, and food products from existing records.
  • Import and export in XML format.
  • Backup and restore integrated into synchronization.
At just $3.99, it pays for itself if it saves you even one trip to the store for milk or bread.