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Suggest-a-Dish is great new feature of QuarterMaestro 1.1. This feature tells you at the tap of a button what dishes you currently have enough ingredients in your pantry to prepare. It answers the question, "What can I make with what I have?"

Suggest-a-Dish is aware of other dishes already present in the meal you are planning and reserves ingredients for those dishes. This means you can start with an empty meal, and see what possible dishes you can make. Then, after selecting one, you can see what dishes you can make with what you have left, and on and on until you have filled in the meal or have run out of ingredients.

Suggest-a-Dish is easy to use. Simply navigate to the meal in question and tap "New Dish". Then, fill in the number of servings you need for the dish and tap "Suggest". You are presented with a set of recipes you already have the ingredients to prepare. Simply tap the one you decide to make, and you're ready to go.

Other great new features available in version 1.1:


Now Available
Desktop Companion

Ready for Download
  • Create new meal plans, meals, and recipes from existing ones using the "Duplicate" command.
  • In most cases, it is no longer necessary to tap "Done" and "Save" to store data.
  • Improved shopping list is cleaner and provides more useful information.
  • Let QuarterMaestro tell you what dishes you can prepare with your current pantry contents using "Suggest-a-Dish."
  • Desktop meal planner now included.
  • Drag-and-drop recipes onto meals to create dishes.
  • "Duplicate" command lets you create new meal plans, meals, recipes, and food products from existing records.
  • Import and export in XML format.
  • Backup and restore integrated into synchronization.
At just $3.99, it pays for itself if it saves you even one trip to the store for milk or bread.